Spray Tanning

SunSource Tanning is a premier destination for custom spray tanning.A spray tan is a great way to quickly get beautiful, golden bronze skin. Our spray tans are perfectly customized to each individual skin type and personal preference to give clients a consistent, natural looking tan. SunSource offers the most advanced sunless tanning in Birmingham for custom color and flawless results.We are a Master Certified Salon for Norvell with a certified technician on staff, and we are also a Platinum Sponsor for Dancing With the Stars.

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Sunless tanning colors the skin without UV exposure. The main ingredient that colors the skin is DHA. DHA is a simple sugar derived from sugarcane and sugar beets. DHA binds to the first layer of skin and to the protein that is responsible for skin coloration, typically lasting 5-7 days.

To optimize your sunless tan, exfoliation is important to remove loose/dead skin from the surface of the skin. This process allows the sunless product to be applied to the freshest layer of skin allowing for an even application and prolonging the tan. Heavy exfoliation strips the skin of its essential oils and amino acids. It is important to gently polish the skin to remove loose, dead skin cells and do so 24 hours before your custom spray tan. This gives your skin time to replenish itself and create a darker, longer lasting sunless tan.

The sunless color fades as the dead skin cells flake off, typically within a 5-7 day period, depending on the individual and proper skin maintenance. Prolonged water submersion, swimming in pools, or heavy sweating can lighten the tan by accelerating the shedding process.

Proper skin preparationprior to your custom airbrush applicationis vital to get the best results possible.

Download this guideon preparing your skin and get tips on how to prolong your spray tan.

Moisturizing is the key to extending sunless results. Keeping skin well hydrated can slow skin's natural exfoliation process and extend the results of your airbrush tan.As Birmingham's premier tanning salon, we provide an array of maintenance products to prolong the life of your sunless tan including lotions, sprays, and bath washes from Norvell that are designed specifically for the custom spray tan.SunSource Tanning has your skin covered.

Products by Norvell Skin Solutions such as the eXmitt and Amber Sun Mitt make exfoliation before sunless tanning a breeze. If you want a longer lasting tan while keeping your skin moisturized, try our Norvell Amber Sun Pro-Long and Amber Sun Body Wash. All of our Norvell skin care products are made with only the finest ingredients, and are designed to be hypoallergenic and gentle, even on the most sensitive skin types.

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